This summer, six college students are traveling across the United States in order to raise money and spread the word about Bicycles Against Poverty.

This event-based tour, which began on 6/8, lasts over ten weeks and includes over twenty parties and presentations throughout the nation. The cyclists will be covering over 3,200 miles in the process!



The Pedal for Purpose tour began in San Jose, CA on June 8th and will end in NYC on August 10th. Along the way the team are stopping in the following major cities: Flagstaff, Denver, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

Flagstaff (6/20), Denver (7/3), Sioux Falls (7/12), Twin Cities (7/16), Madison (7/22), Milwaukee (7/23), Chicago (7/25), Cleveland (7/30), Pittsburgh (8/1), and Philadelphia (8/7).


We’ve had presentations and events from San Jose to Twin Cities, see below for the upcoming events!

CHICAGO: 7/25 – RSVP here Join us for a celebration at the La Colombe cafe in Near West Side (955 West Randolph Street, near N Morgan Street, Chicago, IL) with the Bucknell Alumni Club of Chicago from 7-9pm. Drinks provided.

CLEVELAND: 7/30 - stay tuned for an RSVP ticket. We’ll be having an event at Nano Brewery Cleveland in Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland (1859 W 25th St  Cleveland, OH 44113) from 7:30-9:30pm

PITTSBURGH: 8/1 - stay tuned for location. We’ll be with the Bucknell Alumni Club of Pittsburgh mingling and telling you about BAP from 5:30 to 8:00pm.

LEWISBURG: 8/4 - RSVP here  We’ll be at the Bucknell downtown bookstore from 2-4:30pm. Come to the third floor to learn about BAP updates and meet the Bucknell team! 5 Bucknellians on the tour plus Muyambi and Molly Burke and two other summer team members!

PHILADELPHIA: 8/7 - RSVP here  Join us for a celebration at the La Colombe cafe near City Hall ( 1414 South Penn Square) with the Bucknell Alumni Club of Philadelphia from 7-9pm. Drinks and food provided.

NEW YORK CITY: 8/8 - RSVP here **FINALE EVENT** Join us for a FINALE celebration at the La Colombe cafe in NoHo (400 Lafayette Street, near E 4th Street) with the Bucknell Alumni Club of NYC from 7:30-10pm. Drinks and food provided.


BAP’s Pedal for Purpose tour team is led by a group of six committed college students. They’re leaders and inspiration for all of us!

Nicole Adler, Tour Manager- Nicole will be managing the tour itself, including everything from leading the group of students to ensuring that all of the events are in order from the west coast to the east coast. She began her tenure with BAP in January 2013 when she spearheaded the pre-trip planning and coordination—taking outreach to a whole new level and creating opportunities for the organization. Can’t believe she’s only a rising junior!

Ziev Basson, Cyclist- The youngest cyclist of the crew, Ziev, a rising sophomore, will be hitting the road on the bike and getting quite a different experience this summer than most of his engineering peers! His enthusiasm will likely be a much-needed attitude on the trip! I’m sure they’ll all be looking to him during the Arizona heat and Colorado mountains…

Kaitlin Callahan, Cyclist- The only female cyclist of the Pedal for Purpose tour. Kaitlin will likely inspire many ladies across the nation to hop on their bikes too and drive up the female cycling participation. Yet another natural leader on the trip, don’t be thrown off by her petite size, this team member is clearly a tough cookie with a big appetite for ambition!

Kate Rolfes, Events & Partnership Coordinator- Kate is another member of the team that began working with BAP in January 2013 to help with the behind-the-scenes coordination. This rising sophomore is nothing but sweet and genuine encouragement, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a tough and persistent side to her! We knew Kate would be a natural leader judging by her role as a coxswain for the men’s crew team at Bucknell and she hasn’t let us down.

Alex Sandoval, Media & Outreach Coordinator- A west coast native, Alex hails from Los Angeles, California. New to BAP and relatively fresh to social media, Alex is an impressive young man who can clearly pick up new tasks quickly. We hope you like BAP’s summer tweets, instagram photos, and Facebook posts—if you don’t, then you know where to throw your complaints!

Colin Woolford, Cyclist- A native of Connecticut but currently residing in Denver, Colin is a top-notch athlete, but relatively new to cycling. Let’s hope this Division 1 lacrosse player at the University of Denver is a natural at biking as he is in all other sports! Check out his fantastic video here:



Want to get involved? You can host the crew of six for a night’s stay, a meal, or a hot shower! We welcome all and any other involvement.

To do so, please email Molly Burke at [email protected]