Float On

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life. All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about” -Albert Einstein

Minnesota. Wisconsin. Minnesota. Wisconsin. As we’ve crossed the Mississippi countless times transitioning between these two states during our errands today, I almost can’t keep track of which one I’m in. That could also be a symptom of extreme heat exhaustion. It seems as though the heat wave through the Midwest is following the exact pace and route that we are taking, as the temperature today climbed above 100 yet again. Our fearless cyclists pedaled right through it, completing over 70 miles. Rushing to and from presentations, the coordinators were kept plenty busy but were blessed with the comfort of AC. Between the heat and our productivity we all needed a little time off, and thanks to First Presbyterian in La Crosse, that is exactly what we got. Receiving an invitation from a friend of the church to use their house was an amazing treat for the entire team. We spent our afternoon and evening kayaking on the Mississippi, relaxing by the pool, doing laundry, sleeping on the couch, grilling burgers and enjoying the affection of two adorable dogs. What more could we possibly have asked for? Content and exhausted, we jumped back into the van, said goodbye to our new friends, and headed for home (the church).

After getting a taste of the comfort of a home that we long for during the tougher days, I looked at one of my favorite quotes (above) and was able to regain the enthusiasm for our cause and goal that the heat and work had begun to take from me. I am so proud of our team as we have completed over half of our journey and are all looking forward to the adventures to come.

Learning all we could ever want to know about fishing and seeing the world’s largest 6-pack of beer, I feel as if we are well on our way to getting the full La Crosse experience. I’m keeping it short today, as I’m sure we’ll keep you busy reading our stories from these next few days. Tomorrow we’ll update you on our event at Root Note!

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