Check out information here on BAP’s staff and stay tuned for detail on the students part of the Pedal for Purpose tour.

Founder, Muyambi Muyambi

Muyambi, a native of Uganda, founded BAP in 2008 while still an undergraduate student at Bucknell University, PA, earning a dual degree in Civil Engineering (B.S.E.) and Economics (B.A.). Shortly after conceiving the idea for BAP, he joined Molly Burke and several other motivated students to form the beginning of the organization. The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) provided the seed funding for BAP and granted the project an Outstanding Commitment Award. Muyambi was one of five students to attend the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference in NYC in September 2008 where was individually

Before Bucknell, Muyambi spent time in Norway at the Red Cross Nordic United World College; a high school aimed at promoting international understanding by bringing over 85 different nationalities together. Muyambi graduated from Bucknell in May 2012 and currently works at an engineer firm in Washington, DC, though he continues to serve the organization and help it grow its impact.

Email him at [email protected] or throw him a tweet at @muyambi1

Co-founder & Executive Director, Molly Burke

Molly Burke is a co-founder of Bicycles Against Poverty and currently leads the organization as Executive Director. Burke began her full-time position with BAP in June 2012 after leaving the communications firm, SKDKnickerbocker, where she worked on the successful campaign to pass the Marriage Equality Act in New York State among other city and state public affair campaigns.

In addition to co-founding BAP while still a student at Bucknell, Burke founded several other initiatives on campus, including the Bucknell Green Fund, a financially sustainable fund that invests in environmentally efficient projects on campus.

Burke is a 2009 Udall Scholar, recognized for her environmental leadership, and additionally was awarded the 2010 Bucknellian of the Year award, featured in the Bucknell campus newspaper; the 2010 Bison award for co-curricular activities; and the 2008 Yarnall Prize for Environmental Affairs.

Email her at [email protected] or throw her a tweet at @mollyvburke


Communications & Web Manager, Smik Lakhani


Creative Director, Madeleine Lopeman


Business Development & Marketing Manager, Catherine Trieu


Logistics Manager & Group Coordinator, Alyson Cobb


Finance Coordinator, Erika Iouriev


Communications Associate, Odeke Ekirapa


Chapter Manager, Simmi Kaur


Rishav Chakravarti


Kevin Matthews


Nicholas Batt


Board of Directors & Advisory Board

BAP is currently in the process of identifying a Board of Directors and Advisory Board to better guide the organization. Please look for updates here in the future.