Chicago July 25, 2013

When you come into Chicago, there are several sure fire thoughts that will race through your mind:


  1. Wow.
  2. Is it actually as windy as everyone says?
  3. Where is the American Girl store?
  4. How do I get to “The Bean?”
  5. If you drive around you may also contemplate if people care if they get hit by a car given the blatant “pedestrians have the right of way” mentality. Though this is awesome for walking, it makes it miserable to drive.

But there is much more to this midwestern city. First, everyone here is healthy. If you go along Lake Shore Drive there is a plethora of people on the path getting in some sort of workout and there are loads of restaurants that cater to healthy eating and food allergies. But restaurants here aren’t limited to only healthy eating, there are places for any food inkling you may have. There are multiple cafes each block if you want to snack on something light while you work, or you can go a completely different route and try a new food nationality. Or, thankfully, there are a multitude of Subways you can eat at thanks to GoDaddy. The options are truly endless. Then you have an incredible amount of options when it comes to sight seeing and museums. There is the Fashion in Impressionism exhibit or you can go see the Bean and the lake and somewhat get away from the city, again your options are endless. But this is the charm of Chicago, you have everything you could possibly want with a smaller city feel and it is fantastic. Food, stores and a large body of water, what more could one ask for? Friendly people? No crazy cab drivers? A zoo with free admission? Check, check and check.

**If you do ever get tired of the city and want to go to a home, the BAPpers have had a wonderful stay in Highland Park with the Hollebs. Staying with them has been like being home. We were greeted with a wonderful feast, clean towels, showers and comfortable places to sleep. It has been a paradise and we are really thankful Colin knew them!

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