Morning Indiana

It’s early. My butt hurts. My ankles hurt. I woke up at 9:30 to write my blog. I went to the bathroom, looked at the stache. I bumped into Colin. We exchanged pain. I grabbed my computer. I sat in the gazebo. I gave mama a call. I let her know things were great. I began typing. Today we are beginning the series of century rides that we will have to be doing for the next three days, though looks like we might have to get used to it. On our ride to Lagrange, Indiana today I will prepare myself for the next couple of weeks that will be brutal, enjoyable, brutal, cloudy. Clouded. Blister – popped. Shoulder – ow. It’s amazing how just yesterday we were in Illinois, and two days before that, Wisconsin; however, I look forward to Indiana. It’s green, cool, and friendly (making that judgment off of the two hours spent riding here, the lady who snuck us into the Indiana Dunes State Park, and Pastor Fine). We get to bike on the same route all the way to Cleveland (Lebron/Drew Carey). The green is nice, and I hope we take the next couple of days relaxed, but I’m tired. What keeps you biking is reminding yourself that you’re biking across the country. Taking it day-by-day, mentally satisfying, though neglecting the feat. The whole picture is still inconceivable:


“Damn man, You’z a crazy motha*****! You two is ridin’ to New York?!…. Damn.”

-Ricky from the gas station


Gotta love southeast of Chicago <3

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