Good Times

From San Francisco to Flagstaff to Denver to Omaha to Chicago to the Twin Cities to Chicago

WOW! What an incredible journey. It is hard to explain the vastness of the mid west that the six of us have experienced. Multiple times this past spring I passed through Chicago on a flight, headed to and from Denver, and would regularly tell myself, “only a few hours until I’m there,” wether “there” was a different school for a lacrosse game or back home at the University of Denver. It is amazing to look back at these 6 weeks and to see how far we have come! WE HAVE MADE IT TO CHICAGO!

After an amazing experience at the Milwaukee Brewer’s game, where the six of us where introduced at the game, shown on the field, and the organizations promotional video was shown on the big screen at Miller Park, we enjoyed the hospitality of Luis and Pastor Susan at the United First Methodist Church in Milwaukee. What an amazing experience, Kaitlin described it best, stating, “I always get the chills when watching our promotional video, so when it was aired on the Brewer’s big screen, I was blown away. I’ve seen the video countless times, yet each and every time I watch it, I am reminded of our direct impact in Uganda and my passion for BAP grows even stronger. Thanks to the Brewers and fans, we were able to share that moment of passion and impact with the entire Miller stadium. Thank you, Brewers!”

Milwaukee was amazing, and each day we have experienced something new and spectacular. We departed from Milwaukee and enjoyed a beautiful bike ride along Lake Michigan, around 80 miles to the Chicago area. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with Josh Holleb, who was my dad’s college roommate, “back in the good ole days,” as Josh described it, along with his wife, Joan, who warmly welcomed us all, almost as her own kids, and Jeremy, who I look forward to hopefully mentoring me through my potential EMT and Wilderness First Response training in the future. It was such a treat to stay with the Holleb family and to hear the inspiring stories of my pops and Josh’s times at Middlebury. The six of us truly can’t thank them enough for their tremendous hospitality.

The Event! With the support of La Colombe and a HUGE thank you to Guy and Alex Chipparoni, along with many other supporters, the event at the La Colmbe Café went excellently. It was so great to see the strong support from the Bucknell students and Alumni, along with many family and friends in the Chicago area. I was so grateful to have gotten to see Scott, Cooper, and Jennifer Woolford, and loved catching up with them. We have been with incredibly nice, supportive, and loving group of people over our time in Chicago and really throughout our entire trip

I am excited for the people, obstacles, and adventures we will meet tomorrow!

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