The Gear Club

Back in high school, I was in the Interact club. It’s a branch from the Rotary club for high school students. I honestly never knew its mission, but I always remember doing yard sales and community service. We would constantly raise money and give back to the community. I thought this was a great idea! What a great organization that helps others out.

As we drive over 3000 miles and come across new towns and cities, we usually see a Welcome to (insert town name here) but then, underneath the sign you see local clubs that populate that town. At any given town, you’ll probably see the Lion’s club, The Freemasons and the Rotary Club. The majority of our presentations have been at the local Rotary clubs and it’s always a blast meeting the people that love giving back to their communities. We meet concerned citizens, council members and even veterans and they all have a different perspective at life and their community

The majority of people at these clubs tend to have amazing stories and it’s really interesting when they share their experiences with us. I always feel like I’m visiting my grandparents when I hear their stories and I love it! It’s amazing. I get to hear stories of the oldest house in Wisconsin, the amazing places that they’ve once hiked, and the wars that they have fought it. Hearing these stories are amazing, but they also make me miss home and my families stories.

It really amazes me that people love to give back to their communities. The people in these clubs all seem to be really close and I can’t wait to be part of a club like that when I’m older. A special thanks to all the Rotary clubs out there!

Alex Sandoval

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