Introducing the P4P Team: Meet Colin!

Introducing Colin Woolford, a cyclist on the Pedal 4 Purpose summer trip. Colin is no stranger to pushing himself, and he knows that the greater purpose of this trip will make even the worst leg cramps worthwhile.
What is your favorite thing about your hometown?
Rowayton, CT is a great close knit community that has provided me with great friendships and relationships and has connected me with some very interesting and kind people.
Where is the farthest you’ve traveled from home?
The farthest I have traveled from home was a trip I went on with my brother and Grandad on a tour of various regions of Turkey, Italy, and Greece.
Why are you coming on this summer trip?
My dad biked across the country after college raising money for the American Heart Association and I have always admired that. I wanted to enjoy a similar experience and I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to be able to raise money for an organization I feel will make a difference and that I would be able to support. I feel like the BAP organization and this trip are my opportunities to contribute and make a difference.
What nonessential object will you absolutely bring with you on the road?
I will absolutely bring my Lacrosse stick, as I play for the University of Denver’s lacrosse team and I am determined to improve my skills and become stronger, faster, and better. While I dedicate my summer to this important cause which I am extremely passionate about, I will also continue to strive for the goal my fellow teammates and I are so determined to accomplish: winning a NCAA Division one National Championship, which we were so close to achieving this year led by such a strong group of determined, passionate, and supportive senior class.
What will you miss most on the trip?
I will probably miss the comfort of a nice bed, although I love being in the outdoors and the traveling and camping lifestyle. I will also definitely miss the feeling in my legs, as I know this trip will be very physically demanding, yet completely rewarding and worth our efforts including: spreading awareness about this enormous international issue of extreme poverty, sharing the strong objectives of the Bicycles Against Poverty organization, and furthermore, fundraising in our attempt to make a difference in ultimately solving this enormous international failure, through this unique long-term aid solution, attempting to eradicate extreme poverty.   
Besides BAP events, what are you most looking forward to in each new place?
I am just very excited to embark on this journey and have the opportunity to see the different regions of the US, throughout our trip.
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