By Joshua Oballim:

Excitement and happiness fills the youths of Palaro RaJab and Jingcwinyi youth group and many of their parents, who received bicycles on September 5th.

One mother, Ms. Akot Valentina, lives with her disabled son Okello Martine, who is a member of the youth group. Akot named her bike immediately after receiving. She called it, “OKONYO LAGORO” which is an Acholi phrase meaning, “it has supported a disabled person,” referring to her disabled son. With a big smile on her face, singing and making the traditional celebratory call, she told us that she would carry her son on the bicycle when going to the hospital, market, church and many other places. She then asked group members and parents to also keep in mind this purpose of the bicycle among their personal tasks, to help those who physically or mentally aren’t mobile.



Amidst the rain, 20 bicycles were distributed to the members of the youth groups, but three times as many people came to apply for the bicycles and celebrate those who received one. This shows positively on the impact a bicycle has within a family and a community. A kind community member volunteered his skills to fully service the bicycles free of charge and then BAP volunteer trained group members in bicycle maintenance.

This was amazing to witness such helpful and organized community, really defining the meaning of community. For BAP, we were happy to see how this contribution will impact the homestead life and the community’s hopes and dreams, especially on the continuous fight against poverty.

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