See below for five short videos on Bicycles Against Poverty that explain BAP’s work (Biking out of Poverty), tell the story of how bicycles provide opportunities (A Story of Opportunities), and then feature program participants. 

A Story of Opportunities

This beautiful clip visually illustrates the stories of those living in rural Uganda and what a bicycle can do to uplift them.

Written and produced by Seth Brown. 

Access to Education

Meet Opiyo Deogracious (“Deo”), a local member of Ochim Village in Uganda. He is a BAP participant, and has just received his first BAP bicycle in February 2013. As an aspiring doctor, Deo now has the opportunity to make his dreams come to fruition. His bicycle has changed his life. Here is his story.

Written and produced by Seth Brown. 

Using a Bicycle for Entrepreneurship

Meet Akena Walter, a member of Paibona Village in Uganda. Walter is one of the first participants in the BAP program and received a bicycle in June 2011. Walter was a struggling farmer in Paibona, but after receiving his new BAP bicycle, he has been able to open a thriving salon in his village and increase the size of his farm. His bicycle has changed his life. Here is his story.

Written and produced by Seth Brown.

How Bicycles Impact a Community: Hellen Okello

Meet Akidi Hellen Okello, a BAP participant and the Sub-County Women’s Representative. In this short clip Hellen explains the importance of bicycles in her district, including how it has helped the community transition after the Ugandan civil war and life in the displaced persons’ camps.

Written buy special oem software and produced by Seth Brown.

Biking Out of Poverty

Ugandans walk  hours to reach basic life needs. In rural Uganda the distance isolates communities, making individuals feel stuck in poverty. Bicycles, in turn, move people out of poverty as they bridge the access to much needed resources.  

Written and produced by Ecodeo Group. 

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