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BAP Sustainability

BAP is being established as a sustainable project. Much of the start-up costs of acquiring and transporting bicycles from Gulu District to the communities are expected to be covered by sponsorship from student organizations, fundraising at Bucknell University and funds received from those willing to see BAP’s dream of fighting poverty come to a reality. In addition to individual donations, BAP has been awarded grants from the Clinton Global Initiative, DoSomething.org and Davis Projects for Peace.

This funding has been used to pilot a project providing 102 bicycles to residents of Gulu district. The targeted communities are selected on the basis of lowest living standards and greatest need to transport produce to the market. Before participating, community members complete a survey which helps BAP identify their economic status and their need for a bicycle. Applications are reviewed in order to choose those community members who not only have the greatest need, but also the ability to pay. Each applicant must have a co-signer who will make their monthly payment if for some reason they need to default. Monthly payments are 4000 Ugandan shillings (approximately 2 dollars) and go toward a fund that will enable BAP to purchase additional bikes for the remaining of the members of the community that applied for a bicycle but did not get it at the beginning of the pilot project.

Fundraising activities continue and the summer of 2010 will see further distribution of bicycles. Please visit our blog to stay up to date with current activities and our Participate page to learn about how you can contribute.