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Bucknell University currently functions as the core sponsoring organization for BAP. It is from here that the founding members of BAP, all undergraduate students at Bucknell at the time, developed the organization and continue to do so. In addition, the organization is attempting to tap into the specialized skill sets of Bucknell students and professors. Specifically, two groups of 2010 engineering graduates as well as a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering began a design project to turn bicycles into more effective tools for economic empowerment. The first group desgined and constructed a prototype for a lightweight, durable and cheap trailer that can be attached onto bicycles to allow individuals to safely carry larger loads on their bicycles. The second group worked towards a bicycle powered grinder to assist in food processing in the villages of Uganda. Such initiatives will continue, allowing BAP projects to more effectively tackle the challenges of poverty reduction. Please visit the Bucknell news release to learn more about Bucknell projects.

The $50 trailer designed by a Bucknell team to be built and attached to BAP bicycles in Uganda