Make a Donation

Any amount donations can make a world of difference to millions of people across Uganda and wherever your support enables this project to reach. The following are examples of what your money could be used for:

  • Bicycles for beneficiaries (Costs about $73 dollars)
  • Bicycle repair kits for each beneficiaries (Costs about $5 dollars)
  • Bicycle repair seminars (Costs about $50 dollars)
  • Money management and micro-credit seminars (Costs about $50 dollars)

So make donations to the Bicycles Against Poverty (BAP) project through Paypal:

OR write a check made out to Bucknell Bicycles Against Poverty Project and mail it to:

Bucknell University
Office of Service Learning
Bicycles Against Poverty Project
701 Moore Avenue
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Keep in mind that you can donate as a group or family and have BAP buy a bicycle in your family or organization’s name. BAP will then keep you posted on the progress of the family using the bicycle you bought for them.

Donate your Birthday to BAP

Instead of asking for Christmas or birthday gifts from families and friends, you can have BAP send emails to all your friends and family asking that they donate to BAP the money that would have been spent on your gifts. See our facebook page for details.

Spread the Word

Gather fellow friends, family and colleagues that are interested in the BAP idea and help us fundraise and spread the word.

Students can look to gather peers interested in the idea of BAP to organize fundraisers and come up with other ideas to help achieve BAP's goals. Also, talk to campus organizations to buy/fundraise for a bicycle to be given to a Ugandan family in their name. Ask BAP to send you fundraising materials and stay up to date with current BAP events:

Learn more

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