Our Impact

Program recipients are able to improve the lives of their families by utilizing the bicycles as a tool for income generating activities, including commuting to work and transporting goods to the market. 67% of recipients have increased their income since they received a bicycle, and 24% have started a new business. Over 90% of recipients now regularly save and have extra money that can be invested towards a better future.

Jessica Ayat a recipient from Lulyango, said that receiving a BAP bicycle has been beneficial because

the savings workshops helped teach me how to save and helps me pay for my children’s school fees

BAP bicycles have allowed for increased access to social services including transporting children to school, collecting water, and healthcare and hospitals. According to Agut Simon, from Lulyango, BAP

is a good program because we are no longer stranded in case of an emergency.

And Aca Jande, a recipient from Kinene,

Bicycles improve my lifestyle by going to the hospital and community market.

The gift of a bicycle has a greater impact on the Ugandan society beyond the individual recipient or even their immediate family.

  • Bicycle recipients share with an average of 70% of the people that live in their household on a monthly basis.
  • 68% also share with an average of 3 people outside their household.
  • Given the high percentage of sharing, 947 people are utilizing BAP bicycles each day, or four people using a single bicycle every day.

But how do we measure our success?

BAP looks at numerous metrics to see how, and to what degree, the bicycle is affecting its owners. We collect information on:

  • Financial state, including:
    • Income
    • Assets (how many spoons, plates, etc. they own)
    • Consumption (how often do they buy rice, oil, or soap, etc.)
  • Measurable reach: how often are people sharing the bike and with whom
  • Access to resources: how often do people use the bike to get clean water, access healthcare, go to school
  • Entrepreneurial activities

BAP is continually analyzing its program to ensure that bicycle recipients are getting the quality care they deserve. We conduct surveys and evaluations throughout the process and are always keeping in mind how we can improve the program to strengthen our impact. (See community feedback for more information)



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