Why Bikes?

1. Education

  • Children living in rural areas are less likely to attend school because they have to walk long distances to school.

  • 30% of primary school students in Uganda must travel over 5km to reach school.

2. Healthcare

  • A health facility can have all the medicine in the world, but it means nothing if no one can access it.

  • There are functioning health facilities in Uganda, however those facilities are miles away from most rural villages. Most Ugandans never reach these health facilities, because it would take almost a full day of walking to get there. Healthcare centers are underutilized, despite the large number of people who desperately need care in Africa.

3. Clean Water

  • Most clean water sources are several miles away from rural villages. Since the travel time is so long, women are forced to choose between making the trip to fetch water for the day, and attending to their children.

  • By choosing to walk for hours just to obtain drinking water, mothers risk stunting the health and development of their children. So often the burden of carrying heavy loads of water is transferred to the children, who have less time to attend school due to spending most of the day fetching water.

4. Markets

  • Isolated communities are often miles away from the nearest markets. The markets that are closest to urban centers typically have better prices, presenting an obstacle for those that live in rural villages.

  • Distance is an issue, but so is the amount of goods that need to be transported to and from the markets. One back or head can only carry so much.